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WRA Zimbabwe launched in 2012 with the full support of the Ministry of Health and Child Care. Its membership, which is 300 strong, includes health professionals and others concerned with the state of maternal health in the country. WRA Zimbabwe’s mission is to build a grassroots movement that creates partnerships, strengthens capacity, influences policies, harnesses resources, demands accountability and inspires action to realize a Zimbabwe where every woman, newborn and child achieves their constitutional right to health.

Many women experience disrespect and abuse at health facilities and choose to deliver at home, putting themselves and their babies at risk of complications and death. Currently, 651 maternal deaths occur per 100,000 live births in Zimbabwe.

Training health workers on respectful maternity care and empowering women with the knowledge and confidence to lead their own care strengthens health systems and the relationship between a woman and her provider. WRA Zimbabwe is implementing respectful maternity care and self-care programs in the rural community of Kwekwe and working to imbed strong policies reinforcing both at the national level.

Current Campaigns
Self-Care Project: The WRA Zimbabwe self-care project is a community-driven, women-centered effort to build health literacy for new and expecting mothers in the rural area of Kwekwe. This program is laying the foundation for a national self-care strategy to promote healthy lifestyles for families while also realizing health rights.

Our Impact
WRA Zimbabwe has trained more than 300 health care providers – ranging from nurses, midwives, senior-level managers and health center committee members – in respectful maternity care (RMC), and by the end of 2016, had fully integrated RMC content into midwifery curriculum throughout the country.

Currently WRA Zimbabwe is engaged in community level activities that identify knowledge gaps and barriers to positive self-care practices, training 59 community-based healthcare workers, serving seven clinics, to motivate women and families for birth preparedness and complication readiness. More than 10,000 women and their families are expected to benefit from this training.

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BIRTH PREPAREDNESS: Pregnant women from a maternity waiting home in Zimbabwe playing netball as part of Self-Care exercises. This image won the Best Photo award in the White Ribbon Alliance Self-Care photo competition.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Kwekwe village health workers on day two of the Self-Care Project.

CONSULTATIONS: WRA Zimbabwe Self-Care Project in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe.

USING ENTERTAINMENT TO DELIVER MESSAGES: Participants training in Self-Care in August 2017.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Mothers at a WRA Zimbabwe Self-Care Project event in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Kwekwe Village health workers on day 2 of the Self-Care Project.

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Respectful Maternity Care

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Ministry of Health and Child Care

World Health Organisation

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Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program  

USAID Grantee

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Zimbabwe Confederation of Midwives

Zimbabwe Nurse Association

Nurses’ & Midwives’ Council of Zimbabwe


College of Health Sciences University of Zimbabwe


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Midwives Research Network

Contact Us

Christina Rawdon

National Coordinator, WRA Zimbabwe

Christina is a nurse-midwife and a midwifery educator with a PhD.  She is the current Editor-in-Chief for the African Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health where she is responsible for reviewing articles for publication and contributing to the journal’s editorials. Christina also acts as a freelance research consultant and country focal lead for the Lugina Africa Midwives Research Network (LAMRN), an ICM competency-based midwifery education trainer and co-supervisor for students on PhD studies.

Christina was drawn WRA because she identifies first and foremost as a woman and believes childbearing women matter and their right to live a healthy, fulfilled life is core to the survival of any community.

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Christina Mudokwenyu-Rawdon PhD

National Coordinator, WRA Zimbabwe

+263 772 352 691


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