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History & Mission

Yemen is among the most challenging places in the world to raise a family. It also has one of the highest maternal death rates in the world with 1 in 90 women dying through childbirth. Through the National Safe Motherhood Alliance (NSMA), an affiliate of White Ribbon Alliance, we are playing a key role in the national dialogue to support the adoption of a safe motherhood law and to create productive national dialogues around the important issues of free healthcare, the age of marriage, girls’ education and violence against women.

Yemen is currently suffering through the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, and the current cholera epidemic has left pregnant and breastfeeding women, especially those who are malnourished, vulnerable.

White Ribbon Alliance Yemen is working with other organizations to stabilize the country, write a new constitution, prepare for elections and unify the country.

Current Campaigns
Current activities are suspended due to the ongoing conflict situation, however, we remain committed to promoting a peaceful society so that we can resume our important work on behalf of women and children.

Our Impact
WRA Yemen’s promotion of safe motherhood continues as we work to bring peace back to our country.

Learn More
To learn more about the Crisis in Yemen: New York Times, UNFPA (Women and Girls), UNFPA (Cholera).

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Mohammed Abdulatef

National Coordinator, WRA Yemen


+967 737 777 469

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