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History & Mission

200 years ago Sweden had as much maternity mortality as developing countries in Africa and Asia today. But now all Swedish women have confidence in knowing that they receive the care they need before, during and after childbirth. Because all women – no matter where they are from or who they are – deserve the same quality of care, WRA Sweden is dedicated to ensuring safe motherhood to Sweden’s migrant communities and underrepresented populations in Romania.

Migrant women are systematically discriminated against across Europe, and maternity care is practically nonexistent, causing pregnancy complications that are often life-threatening.

Supporting non-profit organizations working with migrants and refugees, to offer family planning and sexual and reproductive health to those with little or no knowledge of their health rights in Sweden.

In Romania, WRA Sweden is advocating for midwives to be given the lead role in ‘normal’ birth situations for underrepresented populations, for improved access to maternal services so that all women and newborns get the care they need to have safe, healthy birth experiences.

Current Campaigns
Since 2015, WRA Sweden and partners have focused on supporting the provision of maternal health care to women via an outreach program and at Arad General Hospital, in north Romania.

WRA Sweden is working with the Ministry of health, a local NGO and research partners on this pilot project which places midwives in a central role and aims to offer 1,500 women the maternal health care they deserve.  Project data and evidence will be used as the foundation of advocacy activities calling for improved maternal care throughout Romania, a country where quality services are lacking for everyone.

Our Impact
WRA Sweden is supporting refugee women of child bearing age to better understand and navigate the health care system in Sweden. In 2015, when working specifically with the Somali community, this helped families understand the full range of maternal health care services available to them before, during, and after childbirth. Read the Impact Brief.

Thank you to our partners

Svenska Barnmorskeförbundet – Swedish Association of Midwives

Networks (NGO in Romania)

Erikshjälpen (Charitable Trust, Sweden)

Embassy of Sweden in Romania

Forum Syd (Swedish Govt)

Oriflame Cosmetics (Corporate)

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