Safer Together: Respectful Maternity Care and COVID-19

Women and newborns need quality maternity care services and healthworkers must be supported to provide that care. There are no exceptions in times of crisis, even the current COVID-19 pandemic, which is putting more pressure on already overstrained health systems.

Protecting Rights, Improving Outcomes

From forced medical procedures to mandatory separation of mother and baby to lack of personal protective equipment for healthworkers, violations of women’s, newborns’ and healthworkers’ rights are widespread, across geographies and income levels. However, innovative approaches are emerging as women, families and healthworkers look for answers, together.

The Global Respectful Maternity Care Council, a multi-sector group comprised of more than 150 organizations across 45 countries and convened by White Ribbon Alliance, calls on everyone to play their part to ensure that all women and newborns receive vital life-saving interventions and that their right to dignity and respect during pregnancy and childbirth is upheld.
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This agenda equips advocates at all levels with clear calls to action for governments and decision-makers, health providers, community groups and individuals. We all have a role to play.


Pregnancy in the Pandemic: Stories from the frontline

Accessing Care in Malawi

Malawi Community Members Demand Comprehensive Care in the Wake of COVID-19

Hospitals are Separating Mothers & Newborns

Long-abandoned, harmful childbirth practices are coming back

Midwifery in Zimbabwe Amid COVID19 Fears

Protecting our healthworkers protects all of us

Pregnancy in Zimbabwe

Fear and Uncertainty for Pregnant Women in Zimbabwe Amid the COVID19 Crisis

Ugandan Mother Lost

COVID-19 Travel restrictions complicate access to care in Uganda

Malawian Midwives Unite

Malawian midwives unite for their rights during the crisis.

The Frontline: Malawi

Struggling to provide respectful maternity care amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

The Frontline: Pakistan

"How can we protect others unless we are protected ourselves?"

Pregnant in a Pandemic

Rethinking prenatal care at a time people are being told to stay home (PBS NewsHour)

Hope and New Life

A Brooklyn Maternity Ward Fighting Covid-19 (The New York Times)

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