White Ribbon Alliance believes that health is a human right and to realize that right, people must be involved in shaping the policies and practices that make up a health system. We use several strategies and approaches to guide our work and along with partners have developed a variety of tools and resources that we hope you find helpful.

Below you will find links to resources on citizen-led accountability, midwifery, respectful maternity care, self-care and quality, equity & dignity.

When citizens are directly involved, challenges are revealed and solutions are identified to accelerate progress. That is why advancing citizen engagement is at the heart of everything White Ribbon Alliance does. White Ribbon Alliance, International Planned Parenthood Federation, Save the Children and World Vision created the Citizen-Led Accountability Coalition to support citizens’ hearings to accelerate the delivery of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and commitments made under the UN Secretary General’s initiative, Every Woman Every Child. More than 200 hearings have been held in over 20 countries and resulting recommendations have been shared with national political leaders and submitted as feedback for the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health.


When empowered with knowledge and confidence, women make the best health decisions for themselves and their families. Self-care is an approach that realizes our strategy to educate and empower people about health and rights and ultimately deliver new or improved policies and practices that are driven by women’s needs.


While the past two decades have been marked by substantive progress in reducing maternal and child deaths, progress has often been slow to reach those who need it most. Provision of quality care is uneven, often failing to respect the rights and dignity of those who seek it. All women and newborns deserve quality, respectful care. Midwifery and Respectful Maternity Care are vital to the solution.


White Ribbon Alliance is pushing for improvements in midwives’ pay and working conditions, changing the public’s perception of their work and supporting midwives around the world to advocate for their profession.


Respectful Maternity Care

In 2011, WRA launched a global campaign to promote a clear standard for respectful maternity care, rooted in international human rights. Working with global organizations, WRA produced the ground-breaking Respectful Maternity Care Charter, which has been translated into eight languages and continues to raise awareness and create policy change worldwide.


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