As National Coordinator of the White Ribbon Alliance Tanzania, Rose Mlay leads in organizational strengthening and sustainability as well as building membership to advocate for Maternal and Newborn Health in Tanzania.

Since 2005, her work as National Coordinator has led her to form a coalition of NGOs, associations, institutions, media, UN and parliamentarians. The Alliance began by identifying contributing factors and solutions to help the 30 women and 180 newborns dying in childbirth every day in Tanzania and proved that the way to resolve this daily tragedy is through comprehensive emergency obstetric and newborn care (CEmONC). On this basis, Rose led the Alliance into advocating for a specific budget line for CEmONC by targeting high profile politicians. WRA Tanzania’s work led – for the first time ever – to the creation of a budget line for CEmONC in 2015.

Through Rose’s leadership of WRA Tanzania’s 2015-2018 campaign for an increased budget for CEmONC countrywide, we saw a 52.7% increase in CEmONC budget in the 2017/2018 health budget when compared to the 2016/2017.

Rose holds a MN, BSCN from Dalhousie University and was a lecturer at MUHAS.  Rose is one of the editors of the Africa Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health and is the founder of the White Ribbon Alliance Tanzania.  Rose is a mother of three and in her private time she enjoys Bible Study and Gospel Music.