Larry Liza is a Kenya born poet who has recited poems since the age of four – more than two decades –  in Kenya, UK, USA, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. He was appointed in 2010 as a National Advocacy Champion for Safe Motherhood by WRA Kenya, and a Global Champion by the WRA Global Secretariat in 2014, championing maternal health as a performing poet and writer.

Larry’s work focuses on the socio-eco-political and spiritual realms and he’s been described as Africa’s finest poet North of Limpopo and South of the Sahara. A household name in Kenya, he has touched thousands of lives with his electrifying and unique presentations.

Larry has graced different meetings including presidential functions organized by the While Ribbon Alliances in Kenya, International Women’s week celebrations in London, International Women’s Day celebrations organized by the United Nations and more. He has won numerous awards for his works including the Media FOCUS on AFRICA and the Building Bridges for Peace Award for his efforts working toward peace in Kenyan communities.

Larry is the Director of the World Customs Organization for East & Southern Africa in their regional office for capacity building, seconded from Kenya Revenue Authority. He has a Master’s degree in Environmental Planning and Management and a Bachelor of Science degree, both from the University of Nairobi.