Dr. Shuaib Khan, Chief Executive Officer of Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has over 32 years of experience in leading, designing, implementing and managing healthcare projects and health systems’ strengthening in both the public and development sectors, including 25 years in the public sector on senior management positions.

While working in the development sector, Dr Khan provided technical support and oversight to partners and government departments in matters pertaining to strategic planning, health systems reforms, human resource development, capacity the building, and integration of services.

He has vast experience in establishing mega hospitals, managing tertiary care hospitals and digitalizing hospital functions. He has also developed, implemented and managed strategic communication interventions for integrated health programs, specifically family planning, nutrition, and maternal and child health programs.

Dr. Khan has been working extensively with the public and private sectors and has provided leadership towards bringing a positive change in the lives of marginalized communities and nurtured innovation in Pakistan.