Dina Dewi Landini is a volunteer with WRA Indonesia, known locally as PPI. Born into a family of medical doctors, Dina chose a different path, graduating with a degree in architectural engineering. She worked as an architect and interior designer and later pursued advanced studies in business administration at the University of Dallas, Texas. Dina’s second childbirth was challenging, with intense contractions for more than 24 hours; a competent midwife helped her get through it. After that, in 2005, Dina accompanied her mother to a capacity building meeting organized by White Ribbon Alliance in India. She was inspired by its vision and mission and decided to help. Like many WRA volunteers who have families and careers, Dina must balance her schedule carefully and often uses her personal leave to do her work for WRA Indonesia (PPI). Dina oversees youth involvement for PPI, but often supports other efforts, and is a valued member of the WRA Indonesia team.