Andrea joined White Ribbon Alliance in January 2013 as our Director of Partnerships. In this role, Andrea helps to develop strategies and partnerships with new private individuals, corporates and foundations with a view to increase the variety of partnerships, moving away from the traditional, direct funding streams to more skills-based income generation.

Andrea began her working career in London after gaining a Masters in Landscape Design and Diplomas in Marketing, Advertising and Communications and International Development and enjoys mixing up her skills and experience. After leaving her first role as a Regional Officer for British charity, The Woodland Trust, she managed the high net worth individuals program at UNICEF UK for five years before becoming Donor Partnerships Manager at Merlin, a UK based humanitarian and international health charity. In her six years at Merlin she moved to become their Head of International Marketing before transferring to the USA as a Director of Merlin USA.

International films, theatre (of all types) and travelling are just a few of the myriad of Andrea’s interests; because, variety is definitely the spice of life.