Unique Partnerships for Innovative Solutions

White Ribbon Alliance understands the value of diverse partnerships.  By linking citizens with companies and WRA networks, together we identify the best solutions to accelerate change for mothers, babies, communities and countries.


In keeping with its vision of helping to enable consumers to better care for themselves and those they love, Bayer Consumer Health has made a significant contribution to further our work to uphold the right of all women to be safe and healthy before, during and after childbirth. We are truly grateful to Bayer Consumer Health and its employees around the world for their generous support.

Brand Now

Brand Now is a boutique branding and innovation agency located in New York City. They believe that a brand identity is not just a nice looking logo design—rather, it is art that conveys a meaningful message that connects observers to your brand. Brand Now has applied their fresh creative thinking to help White Ribbon Alliance develop our brand identity. They have also named and designed the branding for our very own consultancy ‘Ally Works’, which is used for marketing to peers, friends and supporters around the globe.

Morrison & Foerster LLP

What does the law say, is a question we consider whenever a decision has to be made or a document must be signed. Morrison & Foerster LLP is a global law firm with 17 offices located in key technology and financial centers in the United States, Asia, and Europe. Their pro bono support and advice has underpinned White Ribbon Alliance work since our inception. We are grateful for their guidance around our governance, contracts and other business negotiations.


Valeocon is a global management consulting firm dedicated to help clients achieve and sustain improvements in business performance. Their strategic workshops provided White Ribbon Alliance with an operational blue-print for long-term development. We are grateful for ongoing mentorship and strategy discussions that are playing a key role in building and strengthening the Alliance. Their support has also been instrumental in the setting up of our new consultancy arm “Ally Works”. Valeocon have not only helped to improve our business performance, but are now helping us to develop a financially sustainable organization in the long term, so that we can continue to help mothers around the world for years to come.


Every year over 200,000 people attend the Glastonbury Festival in England - the largest greenfield festival of arts and music in the world. Thanks to the Festival’s co-organiser and White Ribbon Alliance Champion Emily Eavis, for nearly a decade WRA has been able to tell festival goers about our work and raise awareness for maternal health in a fun way. Over the last few years people have queued up for our ‘Mum’ tattoos, featured in national media on the arms of celebrities ranging from Emma Watson to Naomi Campbell. We’ve said ‘Hello Mum’ via interactive ‘on stage polaroids’ to show love and respect to mothers the world over. This year we were at our tent in The Park again, where we created the world’s biggest drum roll to ‘make a noise for mothers’ on 26th June 2015.

Leading the Way

By leveraging the unique expertise from across our partnerships, WRA creates impact at local, national and global levels. Partner with WRA, and join a growing movement to galvanize local communities and their leaders, to identify challenges and create solutions to improve health for generations to come.