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WRA Pakistan formed in 2006 to influence government and advance improvements in maternal and newborn health. WRA Pakistan envisions that by 2020, all women, men and communities have knowledge about safe motherhood; all women have easy and timely access to emergency obstetric care; and each birth is attended by a skilled attendant. Our mission is to promote an enabling environment for safe motherhood in Pakistan.

Chronic malnutrition among women of child bearing is a leading cause of birth complications in Sindh province, often leading to preventable deaths of mothers and newborns.

The government of Sindh Province must take urgent and effective steps to ensure that women of child bearing age have sufficient iron and folic acid and that health workers effectively promote better nutrition.

Current Campaigns
The National Nutrition Survey 2011 was an eye opener for Pakistan, revealing a dramatic increase in maternal anemia for women nationwide. The survey further reported that in Sindh, 62% of non- pregnant mothers and 59% of pregnant mothers are anemic, leading to poor pregnancy outcomes for mothers and newborns. WRA Pakistan’s Maternal Anemia Signified in Sindh (MASS) campaign focuses on collaborating with the government and other partners to end maternal malnutrition, especially maternal anemia. We focus on improving the availability of iron and folic acid supplements, increasing the percentage of women of child bearing age who receive effective counseling about the importance of taking iron and folic acid supplements and improving awareness about anemia among adolescent girls.

WRA Pakistan is also working to highlight the issue of Respectful Maternity Care (RMC) by educating citizens, relevant policy makers and decision makers about its importance and seeking commitments to include RMC in policies. We are engaging media for wider awareness and understanding of the issue and leveraging the country’s high mobile phone penetration to send messages to wide audiences in rural and urban areas.

Our Impact
More than 100,000 signatures were gathered from citizens demanding the government to address the long-standing issue of maternal anemia in Sindh. This and other advocacy efforts resulted in 25% increase in the nutrition budget of Sindh.

Working with all 14 provincial and federal ministries of health and population welfare WRA Pakistan has grown best practices around maternal health, successfully advocating for the inclusion of magnesium sulfate (to reduce risk of eclampsia) in the provincial drug lists and the standardization of protocols for administering the drug. Additionally, WRA Pakistan secured a commitment to include 10 nutrition-related messages in high school text books from the Sindh Department of Education and the Curriculum Board.

Most notably, the government of Sindh is launching a 62 million dollar scaling up nutrition project which addresses all the objectives of WRA Pakistan’s maternal anemia campaign.

WRA Pakistan’s efforts around respectful maternity care led to the Healthcare Commission in Sindh endorsing the RMC charter to be included in its patient’s right charter and a significant number of Parliamentarians agreed to make RMC part of their discussions and public speeches with constituents during their election campaign

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SAY NO TO ANEMIA: White Ribbon Alliance Pakistan’s Dr. Asma Badar and members of the Pakistan Girl Guides Association "saying no to anemia" during a youth awareness session on maternal nutrition and health in Thatta Sindh.

WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP: Members of the Scaling Up Nutrition: Civil Society Alliance after a capacity building workshop about Advocacy and BCC Campaigning at Karachi, Sindh in August 2016.

MAKING COMMITMENTS: People at the center! A citizen signing on a pledge board to fight maternal anemia in Sindh Province.

Maternal Anemia Signified in Sindh: Campaign Inception workshop in Karachi, May 2016. Attended by the Director General of Health for Sindh Province, Representatives of the Lady Health Workers Program in Sindh, the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Program in Sindh and other development partners.

Maternal Anemia Signified in Sindh: Campaign Advocacy Strategy Development Workshop held in Karachi, March 2016. The workshop was attended by representatives from the Government Health Department, UN Agencies and other development partners.

ACT NOW: WRA Pakistan’s Dr. Asma Badar and Dr. Samina Naeem hand over the petition asking to end maternal anemia to the Health Minister Sindh, Dr. Sikandar Ali Mindhoro at the minister’s chamber, Karachi, July 2017. The petition was signed by more than 100,000 citizens from 14 districts of Sindh.

ENGAGING THE DECISION MAKERS: WRA Pakistan team after a consultation on Respectful Maternity Care with the Healthcare Commission of Sindh.

ADOLESCENT NUTRITION – A two day training of Girl Guides – similar to Girl Scouts in the U.S. – and Master Guiders on maternal anemia held at Sindh Guide House in Karachi, May 2017.

SCREENING OF THE DOCUMENTARY: Representatives from the Government Health & Education departments, development partners, UN Agencies, academics and different health alliances watch the documentary about maternal anemia developed by WRA Pakistan on the eve of the petition handover ceremony held in Karachi, May 2017.

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