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The Safe Motherhood Network Federation Nepal (SMNF), the national affiliate of WRA Nepal, has been a leader in reproductive, maternal and newborn health and rights for decades. WRA Nepal was at the forefront of implementing awareness and advocacy activities when safe motherhood was a non-issue in Nepal, and were instrumental in ensuring that maternal health and reproductive rights were included in Nepal’s Constitution.

In Nepal, women in childbirth routinely experience disrespect and abuse in health facilities. The problem is pervasive and does not spare anyone, no matter the social, geographical or economic background. This is not only a human rights violation, but it discourages pregnant women from seeking the healthcare that could save their lives.

Parliamentarians must include the Respectful Maternity Care Charter in the Safe Motherhood and Newborn Healthcare bill and guarantee every woman in Nepal a safe and respectful childbirth experience.

Current Campaigns
During childbirth, women in Nepal have reported being pinched, pushed and hit by health staff, and routinely face rudeness and lack of information in health facilities. This disrespect and abuse can cause women to refuse to go back to the facility, either staying at home to give birth, or going further afield – and telling their friends not to go there either. Because of this pervasive ill treatment, only 19% of births in Nepal are attended by skilled birth personnel – putting countless lives at risk from emergency birth complications. White Ribbon Alliance Nepal is using its extensive national network to mobilize women and communities to demand their rights to respectful care while pressing the government to provide and fund Respectful Maternity Care trainings.

Our Impact
Since its inception, SMNF has promoted a rights-based approach for maternal and newborn health. Dr. Arzu Rana Debua founded SMNF in 1996 and shortly thereafter brought together maternal and newborn health advocates from across the country to form WRA Nepal. As the movement grew, so did its influence. In the past two decades, Nepal has reduced the maternal mortality ratio by 76%, under-five mortality by 73%, infant mortality by 67% and neonatal morality mortality by 42% – but there is still more work to be done. By providing information on safe abortion services to communities, training health providers on the importance of Respectful Maternity Care, and building and equipping birthing centers, SMNF is making sure that safe motherhood is the right of all women in Nepal.

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WRA Nepal hosted the WRA Global Alliance meeting, which coincided with International Self-Care Day. Nepal’s Prime Minister and Secretary of the Ministry of Health both attended the opening ceremony, and commended WRA Nepal for its vision and leadership around maternal and newborn health and rights.

WRA Nepal hosted WRA representatives from around the world for its July 2017 global meeting.

WRA Nepal Youth Ambassador, Jemie Shrestha, gives testimony while seated next to her country’s health minister during the 3rd Annual Global Citizens’ Dialogue in Geneva. Jemie has worked with youth in rural areas to learn about challenges in receiving health information and services.

WRA delegates to the 2017 World Health Assembly in Geneva included WRA Nepal National Coordinator Sunil Shrestha (far left) and Youth Ambassador Jemie Shrestha (second from left, not related).

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Rabindra Bahadur Pradhan

National Coordinator, WRA Nepal

As the National Coordinator and General Secretary of Safe Motherhood Network Federation (SMNF/WRA Nepal) Rabindra Bahadur Pradhan is involved in all activities and projects implemented by SMNF Nepal and WRA Nepal, which he joined in 2005. He previously served as a National Secretary General of Nepal Jaycees, one of the National Organization of (JCI) Junior Chamber International, a non-profit international non-governmental organization of young people.

He mobilizes youth and communities in Kirtipur for social change. He loves facilitating programs and events at the community, national and global level. He carefully and efficiently orchestrated a successful opening ceremony of WRA Global meeting which was held at Kathmandu in 2017, with participation from Nepal's Prime Minister, the First Lady, representatives from the Ministry of Health, and other high-level individuals. During this ceremony he acted as the event moderator.

In addition to his voluntary work advocating for safe motherhood, he is involved in many business organizations. He received EMBA from Himalayan WhiteHouse Int'l College, Purbanchal University and he is the chief of District Lions Leadership Institute of Lions Clubs International, District 325 A2 Nepal.


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Rabindra Pradhan

National Coordinator, WRA Nepal

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