Model & Impact

White Ribbon Alliance is a locally led, globally connected grassroots movement advocating for the health and rights of women and newborns. We actively work in partnership with women, men, their families and communities, professionals and practitioners from diverse fields and all sectors of government. We use many approaches, all of which put citizens at the center.

We advocate for:

Services > Increased use of reproductive, maternal and newborn health services

Accountability > Greater accountability of governments to people

Quality, Equity, Dignity > Improved quality, equity, and dignity in reproductive, maternal and newborn health services

Policies & Practices > New or improved policies and practices that are driven by women’s needs

Resources  > Increased financial, human and material resources for reproductive, maternal and newborn programs

Our strategies:

Educate and Empower > Educate and empower people about health and human rights, creating demand for services.

Influence > Directly influence decision makers; support decision makers to respond

Research > Collect and use evidence for advocacy

Build Relationships > Foster linkages between policy makers, organizations and people for long-term relationship building

Convene & Catalyze > Convene and catalyze action from governments, community organizations and individuals to drive change

Amplify > Use media and champions to amplify voices

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Increasing Funding
Working with a wide range of partners, WRA National Alliances in Tanzania, Nigeria and Uganda have secured significant budget increases for maternal health, creating sustainable investments in health systems from governments to people.
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Influencing Policy
WRA India collaborated with the government to change existing regulations so that a larger pool of qualified health workers would be allowed to provide life-saving services, resulting in tens of thousands of auxiliary nurse midwives being trained in key procedures that can keep women alive in India’s half a million villages.
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Providing Critical Supplies
WRA Uganda’s citizen-led accountability campaign illuminated the lack of life-saving supplies in health centers, resulting in the Ministry of Health changing its procurement process for newborn resuscitation devices so that they are now part of a standard procedure.
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Establishing Protocols
In addressing high rates of eclampsia, WRA Pakistan secured the inclusion of magnesium sulfate in the provincial drug lists, and standardized protocols for administering the drug, with all 14 provincial and federal ministries of health and population welfare.
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Demanding quality, respectful care
Due to WRA Nigeria’s advocacy efforts, Nigeria became the first country to officially establish respectful maternity care as a standard of practice, changing expectations from care givers and receivers so that women receive quality, respectful care.
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empowering citizens
Pioneered citizen-led accountability efforts across multiple WRA National Alliances, educating women, adolescents and communities to know their health rights and mobilized them to demand action while also supporting policy makers to respond to citizens’ demands.
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Focus on quality care
Increased focus on quality of care across reproductive, maternal and newborn health policies and practice.
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