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After years of countrywide efforts to make sure women delivered in facilities with disappointing results, WRA India took to clinics, communities and everywhere in between to find out what women want when it comes to maternal healthcare. The results were clear: women want to be treated with dignity and respect. They went straight to the government and are now working with them to integrate respectful maternity care into all government facilities. They’re also partnering with celebrities and other champions on a powerful social media campaign to help educate women and girls about their rights and creating an even stronger demand for respectful care. This is just one example of how listening to women, then acting on their requests, has the potential to transform health services and systems.

Imagine what can happen with your support when we bring the results of the global What Women Want campaign to national leaders around the world.

This International Women’s Day, help fulfill women’s and girls’ healthcare needs as they define them. Together, we can build a world where all women and girls realize their right to quality reproductive and maternal health and well-being.

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