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WRA Indonesia, locally referred to as Pita Putih Indonesia (PPI), was established in 1999 to address maternal and child health disparities in Indonesia. PPI is an autonomous network with alliances established in 28 of Indonesia’s 34 provinces with more than 40 organizations among its members, including local and international organizations, professional associations, government entities and donor agencies. Through the promotion of self-care for maternal and newborn health, PPI builds community members’ capacity to demand changes that save the lives of women and their babies.

Many women in Indonesia, especially those living in rural villages, have little access to maternal care. Pregnancy complications are often life-threatening.

To save the lives of mothers, everyone in a village must be prepared for the arrival of new babies into their community. Promoting self-care best practices in health policy and practice can achieve this.

Current Campaigns
In 2003, WRA Indonesia began establishing “Alert Villages” in rural areas to tackle the high number of mothers who were dying in childbirth – around two women per hour were dying from delivery related complications. Everyone in an Alert Village is asked to share responsibility, support each family and learn more about recognizing the danger signs for pregnant women. Each family is helped to understand why their pregnant daughter, sister, wife or mother should attend antenatal classes and what emergency services are available.

Our Impact
In Alert Villages, everyone shares responsibility for the health – and lives – of pregnant women and their newborns. Through nine Provincial chapters and 20 District Chapters, PPI has helped establish 200 Alert Villages across Indonesia. Each Alert Village contains at least 10 people trained – and supervised by the local midwife – on addressing the “three delays” (delay the decision to seek care; delay arrival at a health facility; and, delay the provision of adequate care) of maternal mortality.


CAMPAIGN LAUNCH: WRA Indonesia launches the Healthy Living Community hosts a community event on Self-Care, showing important behaviors for women to do as part of a self-care routing including exercise during pregnancy and breast self-examinations.

EXERCISE IN PREGNANCY: During the Health Living Community Movement launch, a group demonstrates important behaviors for women to do as part of a self-care routing including exercise during pregnancy and breast self-examinations.

COMMUNITY VOICES: Community members from the district of South East Timor, East Nusa Tenggara participated in a Forum Group Discussion in support of GERMAS (Healthy Living Community Movement).

COUNSELING SERVICES: WRA Indonesia, locally known as Pita Putih Indonesia (PPI) demonstrates the work being done in Jakarta, including counseling for youth and pregnant women.

HEALTH CHECKS: WRA Indonesia provides free health checks to participants of a self-care workshop in Banten province.

YOUTH LEADERS: Youth advocate leaders in the community after a conversation of the work they are doing to educate youth in Indonesia with WRA GS Staff Member Stephanie Bowen.

WALKING FOR MOTHERS: WRA Indonesia, known locally as Pita Putih Indonesia (PPI) held a Fun Walk in 2016 that brought together more than 2,800 participants to march for maternal health.

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Thank you to our partners

Ministry of Health

Bayer Indonesia

Ministry of Women’s Empowerment & Child Protection

BKKBN/ National Population and Family Planning Body

PT Kalbe Farma

PT Adaro Cool Mining for APPI South Kalimantan

PT Tjiwi Kimia Paper Production in East Java

La Tulip Cosmetic and Interagency Consultative Body of the Church

Indonesia Midwifery Association

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Ibu Giwo Rubianto

Board Chair, WRA Indonesia

Ibu Giwo Rubianto almost lost her life while giving birth to her third child in 1997. That event set a new course for Giwo, who decided to use her considerable skills as an organizational leader to advocate for maternal and newborn health with White Ribbon Alliance, known in Indonesia as PPI. Giwo currently serves as the President of the National Council of Indonesian Women and previously served as Chairperson of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission. She is also a member of several other NGOs working to improve the lives and health of women and children.

Ibu Giwo Rubainto

National Coordinator, WRA Indonesia


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