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White Ribbon Alliance engages people in our movement through citizens’ hearings, workshops, events with political leaders and supporters.  View WRA in action!

3rd Annual Global Citizens Dialogue
Co-organized by WRA, this 2017 event took place at the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. The theme was Citizen-led Accountability to Achieve Health for All – Adolescents as Agents of Change,
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Self-Care Workshop: Bolivia
White Ribbon Alliance is implementing self-care projects in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Indonesia and Zimbabwe. Self-care is not new, but there is a new emphasis on it, particularly as it relates to maternal and newborn health.
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Malawi Citizen Journalist Training
White Ribbon Alliance trained 30 midwives in Malawi in citizen journalism. The midwives were equipped with skills to write and report about their daily work experiences and share information with the media, partners and each other.
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March Up Kilimanjaro
WRA Tanzania honored International Women’s Day with a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro, raising awareness about the declining state of maternal mortality and reached the summit!
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Parliamentary Group for Safe Motherhood
White Ribbon Alliance Tanzania and partners inspired Parliamentarians to form the Parliamentary Group for Safe Motherhood which has been key in championing issues of maternal and newborn health.
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UK Glastonbury Festival
For the past 10 years, White Ribbon Alliance has been building support and visibility at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK — the world’s biggest open air music festival, with 200,000 visitors and 2,000 journalists from 70 countries.
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Community Dialogues in Nigeria
WRA Nigeria organized community dialogues to empower citizens to demand increased citizen-led accountability and government response to commitments made.
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Signing Petitions in Uganda
Celebrated local artists such as Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie have been part of WRA Uganda’s campaign to end teenage pregnancy.
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Self-Care Workshop in Zimbabwe
WRA self-care program in Zimbabwe empowers communities to seek pregnancy-related health services early and to understand their rights to—and demand—respectful, quality maternal and newborn health services.
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