Cover of White Ribbon Alliance's "Power On!" toolkit for community organizing

White Ribbon Alliance Power Tools

Nov 9, 2021 | Blog, News

White Ribbon Alliance’s Power Tools offer practical guidance and worksheets to support women, girls, and communities


Power On! A Toolkit for Community Organizing

  • Equips women, girls, and community members with guidance and practical tools/templates to mobilize communities to collectively demand and achieve change.

Power Up! White Ribbon Alliance’s Program Planning Guide

  • Guides women and girls in applying White Ribbon Alliance’s Power Model.

WRA’s Power Model, presented in these guides, spans the advocacy continuum, from social and behavior change communication to political advocacy, to spark change across households, communities, and countries.

Successful implementation of the Power Model is intended to immediately result in improved health access, behaviors, and decision-making.

The Power Model is unique in that it assumes women and girls are inherently powerful and that there is no greater force for change than when they are at the very center, determining project priorities, designing programs, and making decisions. The Power Model is underpinned by belief that women and girls are the experts regarding their own lives and experiences and know best what is needed to improve their own health and well-being.

Women’s and girls’ wider communities and support systems, including development stakeholders, can and should be consulted and included in project planning and activities, but those who are expected to most benefit from a project, must drive it.

Together, Power On! and Power Up! represent the first two of WRA’s “Power Tools” – a suite of resources we’ll be building out over the coming years to support advocates in implementing White Ribbon Alliance’s strategies in our Theory of Change.