Happy Anniversary
What Women Want!

Three years ago, on the International Day of Maternal Health and Rights, we lit the match to spark the global What Women Want revolution. First organized locally by White Ribbon Alliance India in 2016, What Women Want began as the Hamara Swasthya Hamari Awaaz or “Our Health, Our Voice” campaign, which set out to transform government guidelines into quality services women say they want and need.

Today, What Women Want has ignited tangible change for women and girls around the world, from improvements at health facilities to increased resources for reproductive and maternal health.

Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

What Women Want campaign co-chair and WRA India National Coordinator Dr. Aparajita Gogoi reflects on the journey of What Women Want over the years, from humble beginnings in India to the global reach of today.

Ask the Mobilizers

The stories from the What Women Want campaign were a revelation

The stories women shared shined a light on what matters most when it comes to quality reproductive and maternal healthcare. We asked the mobilizers to sum the campaign up in just one word – here’s what they said.

Mobilizing over a million women and girls was no small feat.

With the bar set high, we asked the mobilizers to reflect on their first reaction to hearing how many women and girls we hoped to reach and how they felt mobilizing responses.

WRA Pakistan Finance and Admin Assistant Sabeen Zehra shares about her emotional connection to the What Women Want campaign and desire to share women’s rights.

WRA Uganda Communications Manager Faridah Luyiga shares how encouraging the responses were and is already thinking of new
campaign ideas.

WRA Kenya Advocacy & Program Manager Sandra Mwarania shares how she felt connected to women from diverse backgrounds in
one space.

WRA West Bengal Member Gitashree Roy shares her surprise at the size of the stage women’s and girls’ opinions were given through What Women Want.

When brave voices speak up, bold change must follow.

That’s why we’re celebrating over a million women & girls who demanded for better reproductive and maternal health and ignited change around the globe. We asked the mobilizers what they thought was the biggest impact of the campaign. 

WRA Malawi Executive Director Hester Nyasulu shares how What Women Want helped women and girls realize the power they have in expressing themselves and clearly stating their demands.

WRA Nigeria Senior Communication & Advocacy Officer Tariah Adams shares how the What Women Want campaign brought water (the #1 ask in Nigeria) to a community in Niger State.

WRA Pakistan Mobilizer Talha Rasheed shares how What Women Want provided women an opportunity to voice their demands and empowered them to demand their rights.

WRA West Bengal Member Arnabi Basu shares how the What Women Want campaign is putting pressure on decision-makers to listen and act on women’s demands.

WRA Global Senior Communications Officer Diana Copeland shares how women and girls bravery to voice their needs has led to policy change.

WRA Tanzania Member Maria Kijazi shares how the budget for medicines and supplies has increased thanks to the What Women Want campaign.