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COVID-19: el reto para México y la salud de las mujeres (The Challenge for Mexico and Women’s Health)

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Respectful care and a life free from abuse is due to every woman in every health system around the world – no matter what. Even during the current COVID-19 crisis.

In this very special Spanish-language episode of the Brave Voices, Bold Actions podcast, we’re talking about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on pregnancy and childbirth in Mexico. More than ever, women and newborns need quality maternity care services—and health-workers must be supported to provide that care. There are no exceptions in times of crisis, even the current COVID-19 pandemic, which is putting more pressure on already over-strained health systems around the world.

We hear from Maura Giron, from Chiapas, about her experience navigating a pregnancy that started just as COVID hit Mexico, and from doula Annie Arenas, who shares her experiences adapting and continuing to provide care for women during the time of COVID. We are joined by Dr. Karla Berdichevsky, the Director of Mexico’s National Center for Gender Equity and Reproductive Health about the steps governments are taking and can take together with civil society partners, to continue prioritizing women’s sexual and reproductive health.

Together, we have the power to destroy the structures that harm women during pregnancy and childbirth, during crises and beyond!

  • How has COVID-19 impacted women’s experiences of pregnancy and childbirth?
  • How can healthworkers be better supported to provide the care that mothers need during this pandemic?
  • What can governments and individuals do to ensure all women and newborns receive the respectful, dignified care they need during childbirth—even during a crisis?

Episode Team: This episode was produced by Alma Alizia Ochoa Moctezuma, David Melendez Navarro, Nisha Singh, Elena Ateva, Diana Copeland, Nina Garcia Wright, Kendra Hanna, with support from the Comite Promotor por una Maternidad Segura En Mexico, and the entire White Ribbon Alliance team.


Alma Alizia Ochoa Moctezuma

Communications Coordinator, Comité Promotor por una Maternidad Segura en Mexico

Periodista y experta en comunicación, dedicada a la comunicación para la salud en el ámbito de los derechos sexuales y reprodutcivos. Colabora con el CPMS y la WRA-Mx en la dirección de Comunicación.

Journalist and communication expert, dedicated to communication for health in the field of sexual and reproductive rights. Collaborates with the CPMS and WRA-Mx in the direction of Communication. Follow CPMS on Twitter: @CPMSMexico

Rt. Hon Helen Clark

Dr. Karla Berdichevsky

Director of Mexico’s National Center for Gender Equity and Reproductive Health

Médica Cirujana egresada de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Maestra en Ciencias en Salud Pública por The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine en Inglaterra. Se ha desempeñado como consultora en diversas organizaciones internacionales y nacionales entre las que destacan el Fondo de Población de Naciones Unidas; The Population Council; la Organización Panamericana de la Salud/Organización Mundial de la Salud; el Grupo de Trabajo Regional para la Reducción de la Mortalidad Materna (GTR) / Family Care International (FCI); la Fundación MacArthur, entre otras. Fue asesora médica en la Dirección General de Asuntos Internaciones de la Secretaría de Salud del 2000 al 2001. Experiencia en la dirección y diseño técnico de políticas públicas en salud, con enfoque de género y derechos humanos.


David Melendez Navarro

Technical Secretary, Comite Promotor por una Maternidad Segura en Mexico

Médico social de formación, egresado de la Universidad Autónoma de México. Actualmente es secretario técnico del CPMS. Mtro. En Ciencias, experto en salud materna. Desde el CPMS coordina acciones para incidir en políticas, programas y servicios de salud.

Social doctor by training, graduated from the Autonomous University of Mexico, with a Masters in Sciences and a maternal health specialist, David is currently the technical secretary of the CPMS and WRA-Mx director. Within CPMS, David coordinates programs and advocacy strategies to influence policies, programs and health services. Follow CPMS on Twitter: @CPMSMexico


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