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I’m playing my part for reproductive and maternal healthcare by using digital platforms to champion change. Social media has enabled many people to access information, and I’m using these tools to reach young women, wherever they are.

What is amazing to me about White Ribbon Alliance is how the movement focuses on the power of women.

My name is Angel Katusia from Nairobi, Kenya. I first joined White Ribbon Alliance in 2009, when I was working as a journalist with one of the local TV stations in Kenya. As a journalist, I was traversing different parts of this country telling the stories of mothers and children, but I felt there was a gap – I could tell their stories, but then I would leave the communities and there was nobody there to tell the women about their rights and what are they entitled to for their reproductive and maternal health.

When I got a chance to volunteer with White Ribbon Alliance, I felt like I had joined a community of people who were advocating about women’s rights, and maternal rights, and children’s rights, and who cared about these rights as much as I do. I have been passionate about the movement ever since.

What is amazing to me about White Ribbon Alliance is how the movement focuses on the power of women. White Ribbon Alliance shows that women can claim and assert their power when they know about their rights when it comes to maternal and reproductive health. This is what makes White Ribbon Alliance so special. Most of the time, organizations just leave women with physical things that only last so long, but when you can leave women with knowledge and the understanding of their own power, that is a long-term benefit that creates real change.

My absolute favorite memory with White Ribbon Alliance was when we were doing the What Women Want  campaign. For me, the campaign was an opportunity to give women a chance to voice what they really need in life. We went to communities and regions in the most vulnerable areas of Kenya and gave women the opportunity to say what matters to them about their reproductive and maternal health. It is still incredible to me that our grassroots, volunteer-led movement was able to reach 118,545 women and girls across Kenya for the campaign, and 1.2 million women and girls around the world. I know that the impact of the What Women Want campaign will be felt for a very long time.

The seeds of change have already been planted because of White Ribbon Alliance. Now it is time to water and grow the movement so that we have an opportunity to go to more areas, more counties, cover more communities, and give even more women knowledge and power.

Thank youAngel Katusia

for playing your part.

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