Announcing The Brave Voices, Bold Actions Podcast From White Ribbon Alliance

Jul 17, 2020 | GS, News, Press Release

July 20, 2020 – Women and girls are clear: they want respectful, dignified reproductive and maternal healthcare. It was the number one demand from the What Women Want campaign, which heard directly from 1.2 million women and girls across 114 countries. But what does that really mean?

Respectful and dignified care starts with being listened to, but it encompasses everything from having a clean health facility in which to give birth, a trained and trusted midwife to care for you, and the facilities and supplies to properly address your health needs. To take a closer look into women’s and girls’ self-articulated demands for their own healthcare, White Ribbon Alliance launched the Brave Voices, Bold Actions podcast.

Season one takes a deep dive into respectful maternity care through the lens of the Respectful Maternity Care Charter and features the voices of brave women, girls, health professionals and global leaders, who boldly talk about how to make change, including during the COVID19 pandemic.

You can find the podcast on our website, and by searching “Brave Voices, Bold Actions” on all of the major podcast streaming sites* with new episodes available weekly.

We hope the stories, information and inspiration you get from the Brave Voices, Bold Actions podcast will motivate you to take action on what women and girls are demanding. To help you act, White Ribbon Alliance created a robust advocacy agenda based on the top demands from the What Women Want campaign. Here you will find the detailed agenda, and a simple worksheet to help you easily make your commitments.

There is no greater evidence than women and girls speaking directly about their needs, in their own words. And in these trying times, their voices are as important as ever. Women have told the world what they want, need, and deserve. It is now time to make sure the world answers.

For more information, or if you’re interested in having your materials featured on the podcast page, contact Diana Copeland, the host and executive producer of the Brave Voices, Bold Actions podcast at


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