White Ribbon Alliance Celebrates International Women’s Day 2020

Mar 10, 2020 | Blog, News

The White Ribbon Alliance​ and its 15 National Alliances celebrated International Women’s Day by boldly taking action in support of women all over the world.

White Ribbon Alliance members spoke truth to power, marched for women’s rights, amplified the voices of those on the frontline of providing healthcare in extremely challenging situations and more.

Here’s a brief snapshot of what White Ribbon Alliance members accomplished on International Women’s Day 2020:



This International Women’s Day’s “Collective Individualism” #EachforEqual campaign celebrated how individual actions, conversations, behaviors and mindsets can have an impact on society at large.

White Ribbon Alliance Citizen Journalist Catherine Mwale of Dowa district, Malawi, is dedicated to helping women realize and stand up for their rights.


“As a midwife and advocate, i will ensure that women have equal access to reproductive and maternal health services” – Eya Mwenifumbo-Gondwe, WRA Malawi Programs and Advocacy Officer

White Ribbon Alliance Malawi mobilized Chapter Members around #EachforEqual and highlighted the importance of health workers – especially midwives – in ensuring high quality healthcare for mothers and their newborns.

See more #EachforEqual pictures – and follow along with White Ribbon Alliance Malawi’s activities – on White Ribbon Alliance Malawi’s Facebook.

White Ribbon Alliance Nigeria also mobilized members around the #EachforEqual campaign, highlighting the requests made by 78,066 women and girls during the What Women Want campaign and demanding change.

See more International Women’s Day pictures – and follow along with all of White Ribbon Alliance Nigeria’s activities – on White Ribbon Alliance Nigeria’s Twitter.

 Igniting Movements, Changing Lives



White Ribbon Alliance Kenya youth advocate and What Women Want Mobilizer Matilda Timpiyan spoke out against female genital mutilation (FGM), a human rights violation, at an International Women’s Day event with her nomadic Maasai community in the
Kajiado region of Kenya.

Learn more about the movement White Ribbon Alliance Kenya is leading to ensure women’s human rights are upheld no matter what on White Ribbon Alliance Kenya’s Facebook.



White Ribbon Alliance India’s State Alliance in Rajasthan mobilized for menstrual health rights this International Women’s Day to bring attention to the discrimination women and girls face during their periods. 



White Ribbon Alliance India members CHETNA and other local organizations held a series of discussions on menstruation with college students and community leaders to dispel the belief that menstruating women are impure and should not enter temples, prepare certain foods, partake in religious ceremonies, among other restrictions.



White Ribbon Alliance Pakistan called for the people of Pakistan to realize that birth spacing is their right, which the government must guarantee, in a powerful op-ed published in The Daily Times on International Women’s Day. 


JOICFP’s White Ribbon Run raised awareness for maternal mortality in countries across the world this International Women’s Day. JOICFP is a Japan-based international NGO active in the field of population, sexual and reproductive health and rights that works to improve the health status of women, men and young people all over the world. JOICFP is a proud member of the international White Ribbon Alliance Network.

Interested in running for safe motherhood? Join JOICFP’s online White Ribbon Challenge until the end of March by posting a photo or video of your “white ribbon run” with #whiteribbonrun #ホワイトリボンチャレンジ  and the #Name of your city or town on Twitter. Your run will be counted on JOICFP’s White Ribbon Run Map the next morning and you will be connected to safe motherhood advocates from around the world.

However you chose to mark this International Women’s Day, everyone at White Ribbon Alliance hopes you remember that by working together we can build our movement for reproductive, maternal and newborn health and rights and change the lives of women and girls all over the world.

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