White Ribbon Alliance Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Former Board Member and Women’s Rights Leader

Nov 14, 2018 | Global Secretariat, News

It is with great sadness that White Ribbon Alliance learned of the passing of Valerie Gürtler-Doyle. Valerie brought her passion for women’s and girls’ health and rights to White Ribbon Alliance as a member of its Board of Directors.

Valerie was most recently the Founder of Diversity in Business and President of the Swiss Irish Business Network, where she advocated for – and led – efforts to understand that a diverse workplace is a more innovative, healthy and successful workplace. In her role as a WRA Board member, she offered invaluable support, advice and connections – many of which will benefit to us long into the future.

“Valerie championed girls and women in all that she did. She was a personal mentor to me and I will be forever grateful for her willingness to give freely with her time and expertise to help White Ribbon Alliance strengthen and grow its impact,” said Betsy McCallon, CEO of White Ribbon Alliance.

WRA Board Member Steve Crom brought Valerie to WRA, knowing her values and approach to creating change were well aligned. “Valerie was a woman on a mission, to make the world a more just and caring place. She did that in so many ways, as a role model leader in corporate life, as a mother, a mentor and friend to so many of us,” he said. “She gracefully balanced the role of spirited advocate and sophisticated business woman and wasn’t afraid to stand up for what was right. That made her a perfect fit for White Ribbon Alliance.”

For those who did not know Valerie Gürtler-Doyle, you only need to read the heartfelt comments left by dozens family, friends and colleagues who donated to White Ribbon Alliance in her memory through a Crowd Rise campaign set up by Steve Crom to get a glimpse into the impact she had on others. Inspirational. Fighting spirit. Infectious laugh and smile. Genuine. A legacy of making the world a better place.

White Ribbon Alliance will always appreciate what Valerie Gürtler-Doyle brought to our efforts to advance and protect women’s and girls’ health and rights. As we mourn her loss, we celebrate her life and legacy.

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