Lobby Roots for Election of Leaders Concerned About Mother-Child Health

Jul 7, 2017 | Kenya, News


By Frank Muchugu, 07/06/2017

A campaign has been launched to support the bids of MP and MCA candidates who advocate mother-and-child health.

The campaign, ‘Whatever Your Political Colour’, urges politicians to prioritise maternal and newborn health, saying it is still marred by problems.

Statistics by the World Health Organization in 2015 indicated that one out of 42 women in Kenya has a lifetime risk of dying from pregnancy-related causes.

“Commitments made must be delivered. That’s why Kenyans must vote in leaders who prioritise this serious issue and are ready to be held accountable,” head of White Ribbon Alliance Kenya, a local maternal health lobby, Angela Nguku said.

The campaign urges all political leaders seeking political office to keep their promises to mothers and newborns.

The Kenya Demographic Health Survey 2014 estimates showed Kenya loses 8,000 mothers and 40,000 newborns yearly, despite many commitments the country has made towards reducing such deaths. This translates into 22 mothers and 111 newborns dying daily.

“Most of these maternal and newborn deaths are preventable,” MamaYe National Coordinator Koki Kyalo said.

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